Saturday, June 19, 2010

Andrea in munny form.

have i told you about Andrea?
she's one of my character. and the only one of mine who can sing. hahah..


this is the munny that i made for munny fest across indonesia 2010. and it's Andrea in munny form. haven't finish the template, but gonna post it soon..

wanna hear andrea sing?

thanks for you who frequently checkin my stuff. ;)
stay tune!!


MK said...

:)....Andrea Greene aka Prisa...

Just wanna let u know that u've inspire me in alot of ways...have been following u eversince...:)

FlipSideStreet said...

wow ur munny doll "andrea greene" is really really really cute.....hehe...gosh i wish she was mine..huhu said...

patung-patungan yang di atas itu belinya di toko mana yah?

klo ada waktu,kunjungidiarykuyah..

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