Sunday, January 31, 2010


guys, me and my boyfriend are so busy lately building our store and workshop @ kemang timur... we plan to build our DREAM, DREAMBIRDS.
we're so excited about it and also exhausted. but we really put a big hope in it.
in that small store :)

me and my bf is learning how to print on a t-shirt. (nyablon) and we plan to print our product by our self. so the product will be on limited quantity. :)
why we do it our self while there's a lot of vendor out there?
A : we tired of a disappointment.
me, myself is a super perfectionist one. and also hate to be bossy with others. so the result is...... STRESS.
and yea, it's kinda hard to be critical in indonesia. you'll be hated. LOL.

it's my first time to do business. and learning a lot while doing it. well, lots of losses we get. and made us realized that there's no "i give you a favor" in business world.

in the middle of clothing, and art stuff. me and my bf still doin some musical stuff.
i learn to play DRUM and magically HE LEARN TO SING. hohoho... and of course we still spare a little time for VENDETTA.

and why i never post my artwork. it's because i keep it for DREAMBIRDS design. so it will be a surprise for you all.. :)

overall i love my life. NEVER BEEN BETTER!! hope you all enjoy the life like i did, and KEEP CREATING!!



Bima Aria Shiddiq said...

Wah nyablon yah, gw jg dulu suka nyablon bikin desain baju

goodluck, keep the flames of hate vendetta :D

btw keren2 smua euy gambar kalian be2

oyiksaja said...

Kemang Timur sebelah mananya?

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