Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tommy Emmanuel - Antonella's Birthday (Cover)

ouch, this song is so beautiful.. :) it's just too sweet.. here's my cover, hope you'll like it. enjoy!


Sasmito said...

wew keren :D.. boleh di donlot gak nih Prisa? buat koleksi :D

she terror said...

monggo.. :)

Muki_XXIII said...

nice cover u got there :)

she terror said...

thank you muki.. :)

tetsu 86 said...

u r very very very very talented.
nice voice, guitar playing n artwork too.
did u study in any institute?
in multimedia or something?

yusuf basri said...

wew keren
minal aidzin wal faidzin ya sha
blkg lo sp tuh sibuk ndiri ama laptop ahaha

flip flap zuit said...

sha, nice cover,,

keren dehh....


Aiko Marckveratu said...

uwaaaa greaaaaaaat :)

si abin ngapain ituuuh ?

yusuf basri said...

ooh si abin to tnyata
ngapain tu paling mbuka situs2 yg ga jelas ahaha

Karin Lucu said...


Cupa said...

Hello again, Sha..

Well.. As everyone said here, none
doubt you when you covering songs..
I truly amaze at about 01.29, on the
harmonic one.. My guitar can't even
produce any sound, lol..

But can I give some different point of view?
Without any means to discourage your work,
I think I must tell you about this.
Your make up bother your covering. :(
Maybe in Indonesia "make-up nya ketebelan"

I didn't know if anyone here noticed,
but personally, I prefer your older video
to this one. Devil Take tomorrow, Hourglass,
Tornado of Souls show more natural Prisa :)

Just my opinion.
You know what suits you the best.

Keep covering!

she terror said...

@tetsu 86:
thank you.. i just learn all these stuff from the internet. :)

@yusuf basri:
thank you. its my bf :)

@flip flap zuit,Aiko Marckveratu, Karin Lucu:
thank you thank you. :)

the fact : i just use eye-makeup.. u dont use powder or any kind of thing on my skin.. it's just, i use a different camera lately. a better one actually. and the light from my desk lamp that too bright make my face too bright/ white.. but seriously.. i don't do powder or anything on mine.. just the eye liner. and eyeshadow.. but anyway.. i'll turn off the lamp for next time.. :) thanks for the input.

Cupa said...


I don't think my last comment will
take a serious action to you.. :)

Be yourself is really working.

Anyway, talkin 'bout guitar,
my guitar doesn't sound like yours.
The harmonic is clear only on 12 and 5.
Other frets sound "pet..pet.."
(you know, like palm mute)

If you don't mind,
could you post harmonic lesson?
Few seconds demoing the correct harmonics
can be very helpfull.

Thanks :)

yusuf basri said...

btw who will be appointed to be the vocalis of vendetta.. why ayya out from vendetta
and i heard if abin your bf rplace febby in drum.. where is febby?? :D
the girls power will be lost their strength hehe

mmm n when you will make new video in youtube i'll be waiting :D

jamizal said...

hallo prisa, if you searching 4 more music like this try album chrono cross. music from game background

Jhesse said...

wow.. nice music.. as always..

it's really great to hear you play the guitar especially when you accompany it with ur very good voice.. did u take up voice lessons when you were still a kid??? and i just wanna know, is eyeliner ur favorite kind of make-up?? cos for me, it is my fave of all.. haha jus sharing..
jus continue what u're doing cos it's really inspiring to see you.. i hope i could be as good as you in playing guitar and singing..my friend's now heartbroken .. d'ya know y? cos u got a bf... haha lol.. there's really something in u.. something.. unique.. YOU ROCK gurl! ASTIG!! :)) may god bless you always!

Raphael said...

Hufff.... soo amazing...! I saw the original one by Tommy Emmanuel, i said to myself : "Impossible to catch!". But when i saw your version, still i said to myself : "Impossible...!" :D. Your skill was so good! But i hope i can catch up with your play, coz i like it very much..! Wish me luck sha.. (Maybe i can impress you someday),, :D

100e93da-8246-11e0-ac5a-000bcdcb2996 said...

so nice....,, like it...

Unknown said...

lu "kumpul kebo" ya sa...???
emane rek...rek....

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