Monday, September 7, 2009

Gorilla head. (vector)

Gorilla soft color

a few friends told me to explore with my colour. cause they said that i always pick the same color with my drawing. well i think colours is the identity, i am using the same range of color cause i think it would describe my artwork best. but i should explore it anyway aight?

gorilla tan

gorilla nurave

gorilla plain

after a week of drawing, i'm gonna have a rest a little while.. but i promise i'll post another stuff. stay tune and have a nice weekdays!!!



gogoporen said...

ah jadi pengen pelihara gorilla .. lumayan buat mijitin badan kalo pegel2 hehe :D

she terror said...

mwahahaah... dipijitin sambil di cemilin dikit2 badannya.. heheheh...

gogoporen said...

jgn nyemil ah nanti gendut... gorila pun harus diet.. hehe

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