Friday, August 21, 2009

My First Hand Drawing. VULTURE

vulture outline
yes this is my first hand drawing after i decided to be an illustrator. i use pen only. :) actually i've been interested with ART for a very long time.
in fact i love it equal with MUSIC. but it never crossed my mind to be an illustrator. so when i was 15 i start my career in music. but after 5 years of my music career, sadly i found it so deceitful. yeah, or maybe music industry just don't really fit with me. apparently Life get me back to ART again. and here i come with lots of hope in it. thanks to my boyfriend, the one who gives me a confidence to start my career from zero again.
and one thing, i still doin my music, but not for selling thing out. but just for myself, but i'll share a few thing on my blog.


jeff said...

what a scary ass bird, cocok jadi background laguny arch enemy nih hahaha

Idho Tolet-tolet said...

iyah sha..
meskipun gak ngeerti" bgd bhsa inggis
tpi gw ngertilah,, tetep semangadh yah sha apapun dunia yang sha jalanin,,percaya deyh apa pun itu dunia nya kalau di laksanain dengan penuh keceriaan dan sunguh" pasti hasil nya akan jauh lebih baik,OOPS'' MAAph niyh bukan maksud menggurui ..oh iyah di tunggu lo aksi gila nya on 4 oct @ bulungan..
vendetta kill you""

Repp If u have a time

Idho episode 666 cheers\m/

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