Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monster Lizard

lately my boy teach me Ai and i pick a sketch from the internet then trace it with my way and give it a colour using Ai. Here's the process..

monster lizard 1
this is the outline.. i use charcoal brush. =)

and after a day of tracing the outline. here's come the colour

Monster Liizard 3
yes. and next step is added the shadow. it's pretty hard for me at first. huhu.

monster lizard 4
here's come the final. i added the highlight.. i think this is the fun part. =)

after this my boy will teach me watercolour and ink.. i'll post my next stuff. huhu...
stay tune =)

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Anonymous?! said...

using photoshop maybe easier if u wanna add colors, shades, or shadows =)
nice n cool monster there..

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